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Become our Partner

Go and Pack has been providing the tours that tourists just can’t miss in St. Petersburg for over 5 years.
Stop leaving money on the table! Make extra money and increase your clients, while we do all the work. We offer to our Partners a 8% commission on the total order paid from clients that you recommend to us. The only thing you have to do is provide your client our website link and we will take care of the rest. You have NOTHING more to do!
If you want us to be proactive and have a better chance that they buy a tour, you can provide us their email and we will reach out to them.

Why it’s good for you?

  1. When your clients purchase a service or tour from us, we pay you a 8% commission!
  2. You become an all-in-one service which is an advantage over your competitors and if you are not taking advantage of this, then you are falling behind your competitors who are offering these services!

Only 3 simple steps

  1. You register in less than 2 minutes with us as an Affiliate Partner (AP).
  2. You will receive an Affiliate partner website link.
  3. You provide your link to your client or embed it on your website or in an email that you send to clients.  When they click on this link, you and we will automatically be able to track their purchase and your commission.

Don’t Lose out! – Your competition is already working with us and providing their guests an all-in-one solution.

If you already registered as a Go and Pack Partner, please log in to access your Partner account.

If you are not yet our Partner, simply fill in the form below to join our Partner Program and get access to the Partner dashboard.

Become a Partner and you become a full-service provider for you guests! Now you provide multiple services all-in-one! We are helping to grow your business and paying you in the process!  Partner Terms and Conditions read here.