Art Night 2018 in St Petersburg: the bestest venues of annual culture event

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Art Night in St. Petersburg became a good tradition and now it already became one of the city’s business cards of Spring season. In 2018 it involves a total of 118 galleries, museums, libraries, exhibition and concert halls. To see all of the venues, go to But we made a short list of museums that we think are most worthy to visit.

Botanical garden of Peter the Great, Professora Popova st, 2

The main events will take place in four subtropical greenhouses. During the walk around the plants, you will learn how plants and flowers inspired architects and artists, and how they are helping in making clothes, medicines and other useful things. At 11 pm you may also enjoy a concert.

Artillery Museum, Alexandrovsky Park, 7

Here a military and historical camp will unfold, hosting various combat reenactments until 3 am.  Viewers will be able to practice in archery, try on military uniforms, and see the weapons of the 19th – 20th centuries.

Memorial Sculpture Workshop of M.K. Anikushin, Vyazemskiy lane, 8

If you’re stunned by facade decorations of St. Petersburg’s buildings, then this is a place for you. Sculptures and stucco are displayed here. Hhhh You will see the sculptors work and you may even model for a sculpture portrait.

Russian Railway Museum, Bibliotechny lane 4, bld 2

See the past, the present and have a sneak peek into the future of trains. During the excursion, you will explore normally all kind of retro carriages, have a jazz accompanied train ride and take a picture in historical costumes until midnight.

The Mikhailovsky Castle, Sadovaya st, 2

In front of your eyes, there will pass a sequence of historic events: the reign of Paul I, his mysterious death, the foundation of the Engineering school and the destinies of its students.  The program will be completed by a concert and a theatre performance.

Academic Capella of St. Petersburg, Moika river emb, 20

The Capella invites you to contemplate on metamorphosis in music and arts. Each hour a new Classic concert starts accompanied by a show of light.

Central Naval Museum, Truda Square, 5

This museum is your must see if you crave for some marine romantics.  The exhibition will lead you through the history of shipwrecks and lighthouses in Russia.

Narva Triumphal Arch, Stachek Square, 1

This place used to be the edge of the city, while now it is a heart of a vast constructivist district.  At 18:30 and at 21:00 guided tours head to the Gorky Culture Palace, Kirov Department store, residential area of Traktornaya street and many other monuments of architectural avant-garde.

The Submarine D-2 Narodovolets, Vassilyevsky Island, Shkipersky, 10

Feel like being a dashing shell-back on-board a real military submarine. The visitors will get to know personally the veterans of the Russian fleet, who talk about the daily routine of the sailors, their rituals and other curious features on being a sailor. Right next to the museum there will be field kitchen working and two reenactment camps open for visitors.

Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology of Glushko, open until 23:00

Surprisingly, in Ioannovsky Ravelin of Peter and Paul Fortress, there functions a Cosmonautics Museum. Before this space was used for working under the first USSR missiles. During the tour, visitors will see where the famous inventors used to work and explore models of space equipment.

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