Maslenitsa week

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“What??? Really eating pancakes all week? No way!”
Sounds like you? Come & see it, you’ll love it from the first try!
Today is the start of Maslenitsa week. On Monday young families are inviting their parents on pancakes. The first pancake was given to the poor in the past. Every day during Maslenitsa week you either host your family members (usually parents-in-law) or you go to visit them. The most pleasant thing about it is that you eat pancakes every day! The peak of celebration falls on Sunday when the city festivals on big venues are taken place. This year it is celebrated from 12th to 18th of February all over of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, in its parks, cafes and restaurants.

They say that the more fun you have on Maslenitsa week, the more results and harvest will the year bring. So, go ahead, enjoy your pancakes & prepare to sign up for gym once it’s over!

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