Moscow’s Signature Museums off the Beaten Path

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Where in Moscow can you visit a “cold war” 1950s bunker, learn the history of space exploration or take a look at an amazing collection of bells from all over the world? Discover these unique Moscow museums that have no analogues in the world.

  1. Museum of Cosmonautics

The Museum was opened to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight. Museum’s visitors feel space atmosphere starting from the vestibule: the ticket office itself represents the Buran spaceship. The most curious exhibits of the museum are models of satellites and the first space station, the first space suit for a cosmonaut, and stuffed dogs, Belka and Strelka, that traveled to space.  The highlight of the visit is the biggest hall of the Museum, that is designed like a spaceship, including the prototype of the core module of space station Mir that was  sunk in the Pacific Ocean.

Address: 111 Prospekt Mira, Metro VDNKh


  1. Museum of GULAG Art and Life

The Museum has about 2 thousand pieces of art that were made by the prisoners of GULAG. These are sketches of landscapes, still-life and portraits. These artists survived the hell of the GULAG camps, while they developed their artistic talent. In the exposition you may see paintings and crafts, sculpture and graphics, and even the scientific works. These pieces of art, made by prisoners, are a silent reproach to Stalin’s terror, and a lesson for all future generations. Admission to the Museum is free of charge, tours are conducted by appointment.

Address: 12 Maliy Karetniy per., Metro Tsvetnoy Bulvar


  1. Exhibition and memorial department “Underground printing press of 1905-1906”

Nowadays we are all accustomed to the freedom of speech. But freedom of speech is a relatively modern concept.  Imagine life when you have to be extremely careful about what you are saying publicly, and you cannot speak out on certain topics.  There was a time when people had to use all kind of tricks to be heard, risking their freedom and even lives, every day. Underground printing press of 1905-1906 is prominent example of such a trick.

Officially it worked within a fruit shop  just opposite a police station. At the Museum you will learn more of how the owners of the print shop were hiding from police, what they did in case of unexpected searches and raids, and how they managed to leave their mark in Moscow history. It is a true monument to bravery and courage. The exposition constitutes a part of The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

Address: 55 Lesnaya str., Metro Belorusskaya, Mendeleevskaya or Novoslobodskaya


  1. Museum of the History of Vodka
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Russian vodka is a Russian national drink, well-known worldwide. Vodka is an integral part of Russian culinary tradition and many cultural rituals. No major Russian event, be it wedding or funeral, happens without vodka.  At this museum, you will discover the history of this strong spirit drink, from ancient times through Russian Empire, the USSR, the great Patriotic war, to modern Russian today. You will see unique exhibits covering, traditions of production and consumption, and interesting facts associated with this drink. Both a visit of the Museum and a vodka tasting are included in our Russian Traditions tour.

Address: 73J Izmailovskoye Shosse, Metro Izmailovskaya


  1. Museum of Bells

Here you will see an immense collection of bells from around the world. The core of it was created by the senior bell ringer of Moscow Kremlin cathedrals. The Museum is located in Vysokopetrovsky Monastery and contains the biggest collection of bells in Russia. The bell sound has long been a call for action, like cleaning streets in Germany, giving bread in Italy, or worshiping in Christian tradition. In Russia the bells were similarly important, They were even given names, as if bells were living beings. The Museum exhibits includes Church bells dating back to the 18th century.  The collection includes bells made of porcelain and glass, copper and wood, amber and thread, cardboard, wire and even bamboo.

Address: Petrovka Ulitsa, 28, Metro Trubnaya


6. Cold War Bunker-42 Taganka

This is the first declassified military object in Russia and it is located at 65 meters depth in the center of Moscow. The underground facility includes Cold War Interactive Museum, conference rooms, banquet halls, and even a restaurant! The signature of the museum is interactive games and quests instead of regular excursion. The place is really creepy to goosebumps and is a must-visit for historical adventurers and fans of military history. You may also visit us as a part of custom made tour that yiu can describe and order with Go and Pack.

Address: 5th Kotelnicheski Lane 11, Metro Taganskaya


8. Museum House on the Embankment

It is one of a kind museum fully dedicated to the legendary House. Here rules the spirit of the 30s thanks to the authentic artefacts of its inhabitants: photos, decor, books, personal belongings and documents. It is a must-see for those interested in everyday life at the dawn of Soviet epoch and aficionados of Bauhaus and De Stijl movements.

The House on the Embankment in Moscow

The House was designed in 1927 as accomodation for top Communistic party members as well as eminent scientists, first Bolsheviks, Heroes of the Soviet Union, famous writers and many other prominent personas. It was designed in late constructivism tradition and originally was supposed to be as red as the Kremlin. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) lack of funds the house turned gray at the end. In total it counts 24 entrances, 12 floors and 505 apartments.

Address: 2, Serafimovicha St., Stair #1



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