On top of the world: 8 best rated restaurants with a view in St Petersburg

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Not only food & drinks are served here…

Don’t miss the chance to dine out in a best restaurant with  St Petersburg itself as your background! The dishes are accompanied by sun setting on the old town roofs, and sparkling champagne resonating with sun beams reflecting from cathedrals’ gilded domes.

Sounds like a plan? We knew you would like it. Check our guide to best rated restaurants with something more than just good food. 

“Etazh 41” (Floor 41)

If you are arriving to the city by plane, this is the best place to start your gastronomic exploration, upon arrival. From here you will marvel at the view of the south sector of the city with post-modern architecture, and get a glimpse of a distant old town. This 1,500+ square meter restaurant, is located on the top floor of Leader Tower Business Center, the tallest building in St Petersburg, open to the public (yet). The restaurant promises modern upscale gastronomic experience, with its sophisticated blend of European and Asian culinary hits. Prices here are above average, which is expected a restaurant where there are three well-trained hostesses meeting you at the doorway, and where you will transition between the 40th to 41st floor in gilded elevator.

Selections from the menu: Venison with Altai spelt, Linguine with seafood in marinara sauce, Mackerel with baked potatoes and creamy horse radish, Dessert “Anna Pavlova”, Signature Black Forest cake with sorbet

The average check is about 2400 RUR (approx $40)

Website: www.41floor.com

Location: Ploshchad’ Konstitutsii, 3к2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 198035

Book a table: +7 812 937-41-41 (we strongly recommend to book your table in advance)

“Parusa” on the roof

The name literally means “sails on the roof” and is connected both with water and air. The view complements aesthetic gastronomic pleasures that are offered: stunning cityscape of Petrograd side of the city – bohemian and romantic locale with art-nouveau architecture. “Air-Water” dichotomy is observed in the interior: blue as the sky, light as the clouds, mid-century modern interior doesn’t distract you from admiring iridescent gold on Peter and Paul Cathedral’s bell tower. The menu consists of European and Mediterranean dishes with delicate local accent. On weekends they do karaoke parties till dawn and invite DJ’s from popular radio “Monte Carlo”. The wine card is quite extensive, with champagne occupying about 7 positions on the menu. In June 2015 they opened a summer terrace on the rooftop.

The average check is about 1350 RUR (approx $22)

Quotes from menu: Rabbit meat loaf with gratin and morel sauce, Cod with sweet potato and zucchini sauce, “Olivier” (Russian) salad with smoked roast beef, Fisherman’s soup with tarragon and vodka, Stewed veal cheeks with bulgur and tomato marmalade.

Website: nakryshe.parusa-spb.ru

Location: Ulitsa L’va Tolstogo, 9, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 197101

Book a table: +7 812 991-10-90 (we strongly recommend to book your table)

La Vue

La Vue serves European cuisine on the top floor of the St. Petersburg Hotel (Citytel Hotel Group). It is located at 60 meters altitude and offers views to the Hermitage, the Aurora Cruiser, the domes of St Isaac Cathedral and Saviour on Blood Church, as well as the panorama of the Neva River. Unlike many other restaurants, La Vue offers short and sweet menu consisting mainly of European dishes. Here you may find the classics of “Niçoise”, as well as chef’s inventions like brownies with mushroom sauce. The wine card has classics from Europe and the New World.

Quotes from the menu: Cream of onion soup with sun-dried pear, Salad of fresh-salted mushrooms, smoked venison and red red berries, Steamed sea bass fillet with parmentier of young carrots and spinach.

The average check is about 1800 RUR (about $30)

Website: www.la-vue.ru

Location: Pirogovskaya Naberezhnaya, 5/2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 194044

Book your table: +7 812 633-0646

“Vino y Voda” (Wine and water)

Restaurant is located in the atrium of “Indigo” hotel, having a glass roof above it, so it is always spacious and light. As the name says, the restaurant “Wine and Water” created an impressive wine list, as well as great range of mineral water (there are about fifty options). The menu is notable for great selection of main dishes: there are vegetarian, Thai, Georgian, European and Russian selections, while desserts are interesting and unconventional, such as buckwheat pancakes or ice cream from pumpkin. Buffet breakfasts are served daily and business lunches are available on weekdays. A remarkable lunch menu that changes every day and does not duplicate during a month. The restaurant has a splendid terrace with breathtaking views of the historic center. The terrace is glassed and heated, so you can enjoy the views in any weather from April to October.

Quotes from menu: Meat aspic with three types of meat served on grain bread with pink horseradish, Georgian chashushuli – stewed beef brisket with tomatoes and baked pepper.

The average check is about 1600 RUR ($26)

Website: vinovoda.com

Location: Ulitsa Chaykovskogo, 17, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191187

Book your table: +7 812 454 55 77

“Mansarda” (The Attic)

This restaurant is famous among both tourists and locals for incredible views of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and its selection of high-end cuisine. The decor was designed by the Italian an studio which is often partnered with Italian fashion brands. The Menu is a bubbly international mix as found in many Ginza’s restaurants: the dishes vary from Russian Olivier, to sushi, pasta, marble steak mignon with foie gras and Thai soups. The restaurant is highly famous for hosting fashion shows and concerts, lounge parties with popular DJ’s and local celebrities. The menu itself has a hint to splendor in each and every dish: Assorted oysters and King crab, Pasta with Black Caviar, artistically served desserts and all kinds of delights from local farmers.

The average check is about 2300 RUR (approx $38)

Website: ginza.ru/spb/restaurant/mansarda

Location: Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, 3-5, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000

Book a table: +7 812 640-16-16 (we strongly recommend to book your table in advance).

“Terrassa” (The Terrace)

This panoramic restaurant by Ginza Project holding is a stone’s throw from Nevsky Prospekt. It’s European styled interior is neat both on the inside and outsides spacious terrace. The point of it all in “Terrassa” is a great view of the Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan and the panoramic view of Nevsky Prospekt. An extensive menu is beyond any national attributions. The “Terrassa” gathered all of the most popular culinary trends: Japanese sushi, Thai dim sams, Asian WOK, Italian tare-tares and carpaccio plus some Russian classics to cater to gourmand tourists. There is also a large selection of very affordable breakfast dishes. However, special attention in the menu is given to the seafood of all possible sorts: starting with the classic Fish soup with sterlet and salmon, and finishing with luxurious lobsters, sea urchins, octopuses and crabs from Kamchatka. Prices are respectively luxurious.

The average check is about 3000 RUR ($50)

Website: ginza.ru/spb/restaurant/terrassa

Location: Kazanskaya Ulitsa, 3, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191186

Book your table: +7 812 640-16-16 (we strongly recommend to book your table in advance).

“Moskva” (Moscow)

The Ginza Project holding restaurant, occupies the top floor in “Stockmann Nevsky Shopping Center”.  It is featured in multiple city guides and restaurant critics media.  Interesting that it is located across the street from Moskovsky railway station, so it will be particularly pleasant to have dinner or lunch here before leaving to Moscow. It even sounds funny to say: “I ate in “Moscow” before I left to Moscow”. It is much more affordable when compared to the above mentioned and more famous restaurants among tourists “Terrassa” and “Mansarda”. The interior is very cozy, just like at your country house with low sofas and shelves with mason jars and flowers. This casual restaurant sticks to the concept of open kitchen, so if you are curious how your Solyanka soup is made, you are welcome to peek in. All culinary hits from different parts of the world are cooked in “Moskva”, starting with sushi, grill and finishing with Russian dumplings and Georgian khachapuri.  

Quotes from menu: Eggplant rolls with feta cheese, tomatoes and Provence herbs, Baked lamb shoulder with fennel seeds, potato mousse & barbecue sauce, Russian traditional chocolate cake “potato” and many more classic examples of Russian desserts.

The average check is about 1700 RUR (approx $27)

Website: ginza.ru/spb/restaurant/moskva

Location: Nevsky pr., 114-116, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191025

Book a table: +7 812 640-16-16

“Bolshaya Kukhnya” (Big kitchen)

This restaurant has panoramic view of a impressive square from 28 meters high. It is only 2 minutes away from Nevsky. “Bolshaya Kukhnya” offers a home-like cozy atmosphere, casual serving style and immense open kitchen, just across the main railway station (Moskovskiy vokzal). By the way, they do serve super affordable lunches on weekdays, so if you are leaving in the afternoon from the train station, we know where you will be having your lunch! And on weekends they invite local groups to jazz up the atmosphere (for these occasions they made a decent stage in the middle of the restaurant hall). Apart from having an open air terrace, it also offers you a view from the rooftop. The menu of the restaurant boasts European culinary delights with focus on Mediterranean cuisine. There are burgers, pizza with pasta, dishes for a big company and home-made desserts.

Quotes from the menu: Venison with quince confiture and puree from parsnip, Musaka with lamb and baked vegetables, Pineapple ravioli with cheese cream.

The average check is about 1350 RUR (approx $22)

Website: big-kitchen.com

Location: Ligovsky Ave, 30А, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191040, 5th floor

Book a table: +7 812 984-04-84

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