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Visa Invitation Voucher



To receive a visa from the Russian consulate or embassy you will need to provide a voucher (invitation) with your application.   If you are ordering a voucher for many people, please fill in the form separately each time per person and add to the cart.  If you are from the USA, UK, and most European countries please fill in the form and you can immediately add to the cart and purchase.

(Do NOT purchase if you are from a different country – Please Contact us)

2 steps:

  1. Fill in the form below, with a scan of your passport information page attached.  Click Send.
  2. Add to cart and pay.

For other countries, please add your information to the form and send and we will contact you with pricing.

Usually within 24-48 hours we will send your tourist invitation to you by email along with instructions. Contact us for information about other types of invitations.


Note: Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.



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