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Current Russian law requires that foreigners register their visas within 7 days of arrival into Russia. This is not an easy process that you want do yourself. Normally a hotel will do this for you for free, however, if you are staying in a rented apartment or you made other accommodations you may need us to do this for you.

We can register your visa for up to 30 days in 2 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the form below and upload clear photographs (less than 2 MB each) of the required documents.
  2. Choose the product and pay.

Usually within 24 – 48 hours we will email your registration document. You can print this and keep it with you.

Important Information:

  • You do NOT need to present the registration documents to passport control upon exiting Russia, however, keep it in your pocket if asked.
  • If you forgot to register yourself we can usually provide registration services, however the price is higher. Choose and pay for the correct price when ordering otherwise your late registration will not be processed.
  • Original copies usually can be delivered to you, if requested. (Valid only if you are located in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • If you are travelling throughout Russia, by law you are supposed to register in each city you arrive to within 7 days. Although Russian police are not often strict about these rules, if you are asked by a policeman to show your registration, you need to show it or prove (plane, train ticket, etc) that you arrived in the city less 7 days previously.

    * Please, note that the absence of a notification of being registered within the Federal Migration Service may lead to serious problems: detention by police, fines on departure, prevention from boarding the plane, etc. We strongly recommend You to register Your Russian visa to avoid possible inconveniences.
    * Registration from a different city is not valid in other cities.

  • Laws can change quickly, we try to keep updated as soon as possible. The most accurate information is on the website of the Russian embassy.

* If for any reason we cannot process your registration you will receive a complete refund. Once processed there are no refunds.

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